Why Revturf Cricket Pitch

Why Revturf Cricket Pitch






We wish to pen down few points as per the feedback we received from various players/ clubs who have been practicing/ playing on REVTURF premium Cricket Turf Pitches in INDIA and in the USA.

1) REVTURF Cricket Turf is a premium, heavily dense compact product. Because of close knit weaving the Turf is solid, heavy & strong. While playing on the turf it gives an experience of Natural Turf Wicket with uniform bouncing of ball and optimum swing, spin. A classic product where the bowlers are able to control the pace, swing & spin.

2) One of the biggest advantage- REVTURF Cricket Turf does not require pasting on a concrete surface OR on any semi levelled surface.
It got a unique feature of a roll unroll portability irrespective of the dimension. Even the smallest roll offered can be just placed on a compacted base instead of pasting OR nailing on to the ground. The weight and strong backing help in the stability of the Turf when laid on a base. At least 2-3 persons needed to lift & carry the smallest rolls supplied in a bag with handles.

3) REVTURF does NOT require a CONCRETE surface to be laid on. It can be simply laid on A COMPACTED EARTH BASE. It’s not a thin low dense Mat- The Turf protects the base from the impact of the ball bounce, tapping of bat and any rigorous activity on the Turf. So the biggest advantage is one DOES NOT NEED CONCRETE base to lay resulting saving some cost.

4) REVTURF enhances the life of the leather balls unlike concrete pitches, resulting financial benefits. The thick layer of the Turf allows the professional leather balls to be used more than usual.

5) REVTURF products are having a warranty of 5 years (please refer enclosed warranty certificate) and a lifespan of more than 10 years.

6) REVTURF – the strong built of the Turf is ideal for “BOWLING MACHINE” practice for years together.

Youtube Video Link https://youtu.be/EdB6VSNzQKM