Animal Shaped Topiary

Animal Shaped Topiary


What Is Animal Shaped Topiary?

   Animal shaped topiary is artificial statue made of  synthetic grass. There are various types of animal shaped topiaries which are showcase in various places of a  building.

   Different Types Of Animal Shaped Topiary :

1) Labrador Dog Shaped Topiary

  Labrador dog shaped topiary  of Revturf is made of  synthetic turf that lasts long and it is guaranteed by manufacturer.

2) Colour Baby Elephant Shaped Topiary

 Colour baby elephant shaped topiary is added  colour to produce baby elephant and the topiary looks wonderful.

3) Standing Horse  Shaped Topiary

Standing horse shaped topiary is another item from Revturf that is manufactured in a factory.

4) Bunny Shaped Topiary

Bunny shaped topiary is manufactured by Revturf  with artificial grass in a factory. Animal topiary can also be kept in a shopping complex. These topiaries also keep at home.


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