Home Gym Turf Flooring
Home Gym Turf Flooring
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Home Gym Turf Flooring

Home Gym Turf Flooring

Home gym turf flooring is designed and manufactured to give your balcony the lush Green experience all year through. REVTURF transforms your garden into a real living experience, while you do your morning yoga and stretches or simply relax and chill a cup of tea, on the smooth soft surface. Home gym turf flooring consists close-knit weaved high density grass is manufactured in such a way that it optimally holds on to the ground and doesn’t require any permanent installation. Proudly made in India.

Home gym turf flooring is designed and manufactured as a high-density turf mat to be used in exterior and interior both for rigorous exercises with or without equipment. The close-knit weaved high density turf is the optimum surface for all your cardio exercise needs. The thickness and the cushioning of the surface of the mat help in preventing high-pressure reflexes and this, in turn, saves your knee joints and back from any degeneration or no uniform impact while exercising. The product is manufactured in such a way that it optimally holds on to the ground and doesn’t require any permanent installation either on your balconies or terraces. Proudly made in India.

Revturf  allows you to add long-lasting, durable artificial grass in gym to your workout space, making them perfect for any gym or exercise area. The turf  is  great for sled work, tire flips, and other high-intensity workouts. We manufacture our Revturf  artificial grass for gym in several different sizes and colors to accommodate your facility’s needs, including 7′ wide and customized sizes in green, black, blue, or red turf.

This  Revturf ‘s turf  grass is among the best indoor/outdoor turf roll options available anywhere, and it works really well to create Workout activities, such as Yoga and sports like indoor field soccer.

Revturf ‘s Gym Turf Grass Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Training

It bears pulling sleds, dumbbells, etc.  It makes the ideal workout activities for functional and cross training at your home gym. Reinforced resistance makes The Revturf’s turf  ideal artificial grass for  uses under direct sunlight and you can enjoy different colours without having to worry about fading or discolouration.

Create the best exterior  space for cross training or functional training with your customized turf.

Champ Buddy Turf Link – https://www.revturf.com/champ-buddy-turf/

Technical Specifications:
Material: ​​UV resistant Polyethylene lead-free Yarns tufted in a woven polypropylene fabric with fibre locked fleece and latex compound

Height: 15 mm
Dimension:3 feet x 6.8 feet
Weight​​: 10.5  KG
Density: ​​​ 65000 stitches/ Sqm
Warranty: 5 Years in exposed weather. (Please refer attached Warranty Card)

Use & Care:
REVTURF balcony grass can be laid and used on any leveled surface as it is designed and manufactured to withstand any external weather conditions. At certain intervals, it can be cleaned by mopping, washing, brooming or vacuum cleaning. Uses of external chemicals are strictly prohibited.


We offer shipping to all over India with an additional transport cost through our delivery partners. After your order is booked with us our team will get in touch with you to coordinate the shipping procedure. In regards to the product, once you place an order with us, you will receive an email confirming your order details. Once the order is dispatched, a tracking link will be shared via email. Typically orders take 8-10 Working days post-dispatch from the REVTURF manufacturing unit near Kolkata to reach anywhere in India. In some cases, it might take more time, due to local restrictions and during special sale periods. We work with multiple reputed courier partners, to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

For international shipping, please feel free to write to us at info@revturf.com.
In case of cancellation requests before dispatch, we deduct any associated payment fees. For products delivered in good condition, we do not support any exchange or returns. Read our refund policy for more information.

We ensure a safe delivery, keeping in mind all local regulations and CoVid restrictions.


Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 91.44 × 207.264 × 1.5 cm

UV resistant Polyethylene lead free Yarns tufted in woven polypropylene fabric with fiber locked fleece and latex compound


Natural Greens with white border
Terracotta with white border
Terracotta with yellow border
Cyan blue with a dark blue border
Dark blue with Cyan blue border
Sea Green with Apple Green border


15 mm


3 feet x 6.8 feet


10.5 KG


65000 stitches/ Sqm


5 Years in exposed weather. (Please refer attached Warranty Card)


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