The untold story of Indian Hockey & Turf!

We recently won a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics after a super long 41 years. and everyone is awestruck!

Indian Hockey has a golden history engraved in the books of victory. Indian hockey team cruised home to its first Olympic gold, without conceding a single goal. The hallmark of this ruthless domination was the wizardry of Indian hockey legend – Dhyan Chand & other finest player Balbir Singh. But soon, India lost hockey supremacy and surprisingly one of the major reasons was field!

Historically the game developed on natural grass turf and Indian players were unbeatable. In the early 1970s, “synthetic grass” fields began to be used for hockey, with the first Olympic Games on this surface being held at Montreal by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), putting Indian players at a break as they were not used to playing on turf.

As the artificial turf came into the forefront, hockey has become much faster, more exciting and consequently more popular. Low-maintenance – The main reason for having artificial turf is that there is no need to maintain it while natural grass has to be maintained frequently. Precise ball control – An artificial turf hockey surface gives you all the room you need to make fast passes with precise ball control. Avoids injuries – Turf serves as an ideal surface for hockey due to its uniform ground, predictable ball behavior and optimal grip. Evenness – The grass will not grow and the evenness will remain intact for as long as 10-15 years at least. Gradually with time, the scenario changed and the Indian federation adopted the changes. We are back with our magic and results can be seen at Olympics 2021. Not only hockey but turf fields are suitable for multiple sports, ideal for schools, universities, residential and commercial complexes, and even municipalities. So, get ready to enjoy the perfect surface for years to come!