Turf – Magnifying the Health

We are back with food for thought!

Covid-19 pandemic turned our life upside down but mockingly, made us all realize that there is nothing greater than health. Everyone switched to a healthy lifestyle and adopted Yoga as a way to keep oneself fit.

Wellness gets magnified in the arms of nature but now it’s time to have more & more “you” activities, instead of spending your supposedly leisure hours maintaining the natural grass field.

Of all the things you could do on your artificial grass, yoga is one of the most beneficial. It looks so inviting, with its evenness & greenery. You can strengthen your bones, build up your muscles, improve your flexibility and balance and reduce your stress level. Some people have a general skepticism about using turf for yoga as it retains heat. This can make it uncomfortable to do yoga for a long period of time. Fortunately, there have been many innovations in infill technology. As a result of these innovations, turf stays cooler, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

There are multiple reasons to choose RevTurf as your health companion:

  • There are no allergens and no toxins to interfere with your breathing – an essential ingredient in yoga.
  • RevTurf drains faster than the real thing, too, and it is not slippery if it gets wet.
  • You can use your yard year-round without worrying about it dying and becoming hard to sit on.
  • It is low-maintenance, bugs-free and keeps itching away.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to your previous high-maintenance yard. Let the inner child in you flourish again as you start to enjoy all the benefits of a great yard.

Visit www.revturf.com to explore the limitless possibilities on the best type of turf to use for yoga & other health benefits.

Stay Tuned.