Topiaries – Enchanted art forms

Enter into the world of Revturf’s contemporary landscape designs

Topiary is an art that comes from the Roman Empire. Originally it was made out of natural plants. RevTurf has combined ancient art with the modern technical processes. Our topiaries are premium quality sculptures curated with a personal touch, proficiency and best quality raw materials. Topiary art calls for creative minds who want to make something big happen in their space. Revturf binds you with trust and quality for a lifetime.

We have been experienced manufacturers and exporters of topiaries for years. We promise the best quality, certification & testing by labs.

RevTurf Topiaries can make your garden a real masterpiece of landscape design, creating an incredible atmosphere of comfort and beauty on your territory.

RevTurf offers topiaries in form of Baby Elephant, Labrador Standing Dog, Labrador

Sitting Dog, Tortoise, Rabbit, Fawn or any other customized shape. The modern design approach has transformed figures into art, showing the widest opportunities in the organization of natural space and the development of garden culture and park areas.

The main pros of RevTurf Topiaries are:

Lightweight fiberglass structure: The frame is made up of plastic (fiberglass). This material is durable but lightweight. The fiberglass frame is able to withstand the weight of several grown-ups. Besides, the life expectancy of such a frame is not limited.

Maintenance-free: They do not demand any maintenance like watering, grooming and growing. It doesn’t fade even under the scalding sun. The artificial topiary is evergreen and perfectly groomed and can be of any size and shape.

Shock-resistant: Topiaries are resistant to shock, temperature and weather changes; it doesn’t rust. It comes with an 8 years warranty and a 25+years lifespan in exposed weather conditions.

Who wouldn’t want this landscape design in their personal space, perfectly curated by talented artisans? We’ll help you to choose and find the most suitable solution and arrange the delivery to your place.

We do not bind you to limits but allow you to explore the world of endless possibilities…